Dojo reaches future biotech leaders at undergrad institutions

Dojo Programs

Dojo is a global community of curious undergraduate looking to learn or build in biotech. We offer a number of programs to help provide undergraduates with the necessary education and network to contribute to the bioeconomy.


Our in-person, lecture-based learning program for undergraduates in the life sciences, adjacent STEM fields, and business. Lectures are uniquely curated for your location, with DojoExplore hubs spread across
the globe. Runs 3-month Fall, Winter, and
Summer sessions.


3-month, hands-on, virtual training for undergraduates with an interest in building and scaling ideas from benchside to a business. Come with entrepreneurial drive and ambition. We provide a community, mentorship, and essential business training.


We provide rolling access for funding support towards any undergraduate-led research project or venture in the life sciences. Tell us your story and your future goals, and we’ll help fund and support you. No GPA requirements, no equity taken.


We provide access to the hiring network in the biotech industry. Find your next biotech role from life sciences VC, computational work, operations, business dev and other roles.


  • Are programs only limited to undergraduates?

    Program participants are primarily made up of undergraduates from first year to fifth years. We do make exceptions so long as an applicant will not be in a graduate program during the duration of their time at a Dojo program.

  • What are the expectations on time commitment?

    It varies from program to program:

    DojoBuild participants are expected to commit to at least 10 hours/week, primarily through attending workshops and group discussions.

    DojoExplore participants are expected to commit to at least 2 hours/week, primarily through attending in-person learning sessions.

  • Who owns these ideas I generate?

    All participants maintain the right to continue developing their venture concepts however they wish. Nucleate does not take ownership of your IP.

  • Can I participate in DojoBuild and DojoExplore at the same time?

    Due to the time commitment associated with both programs, we limit the participation of each individual to one program.

  • How will teams be formed? Can I apply to the program with a pre-formed team?

    Teams will be formed based on alignment of scientific interests and diversity of technical backgrounds. Applicants can only apply as individuals - not as pre-formed team.