Join us for the 2024 Annual Nucleate Alumni Summit

Nucleate Leadership & Alumni - Apply for Free tickets as well as additional support for travel and accomodation for student/trainees via our Educational Grant Application. Students not affiliated with Nucleate can also apply for a Free Ticket here!

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Prepare for a remarkable celebration at Nucleate’s Alumni Summit, taking place from August 27-29, 2024, nestled in the heart of the California Redwoods at 1440 Multiversity .

More than just an event, it's a networking extravaganza for the entire industry featuring:
- an exclusive gathering of bio-innovation enthusiasts
- seminars and fireside chats as a hub for revolutionary ideas
- a stage for fostering lifelong connections.

Seize this opportunity to engage, exchange ideas, and collaboratively shape the future of bio-innovation.

We look forward to welcoming you all to this year's Alumni Summit and to the opportunity to celebrate, learn, and grow together.

Check out our lineup for 2024 here .

Join us for the 2024 Annual Nucleate Alumni Summit

About the Summit

This is a once-a-year highlight of biotech, bringing together the best and brightest.

Join us for a series of panel discussions (tree talks) that highlight our women in biotech and the future of AI, as well as our fireside chats featuring esteemed biotech leaders.

As we unite members from all our chapters worldwide, accompanied by our sponsors and thought leaders, we celebrate shared accomplishments and inspire each other to continue our mission.

Students passionate about biotech and networking will gain valuable insights and mentorship that will empower their path to becoming the Key Opinion Leaders of tomorrow.

We're committed to empowering them by providing access to invaluable experiences through our educational grant. Unlock a world of possibilities and position yourself for success in the dynamic biotech field. The deadline for applications is the 30th of June so submit your application today!

Sponsors and industry professionals have a unique opportunity to be a part of our community, to share their experiences and to invest in and inspire the future of biotech and life sciences.

It serves not only as a culmination of past successes, but a launchpad for new initiatives, collaborations, and partnerships that will shape the future of our global community.

Get in touch with us at or for any additional information.

Come to a truly unforgettable event you won’t want to miss. Check out what we have planned for you below!

About the Summit




Alumni Summit 2023

Our Phase 6 Summit last year was a celebration of the success of Nucleate. The incredible gathering saw attendees from our chapters spread across the globe, who not only brought diverse perspectives but also shared invaluable insights and experiences.

You can go through our schedule from last year to catch a glimpse of what we have planned this year.

It has ignited a fire to serve our community ever more in all our next cycles!

Will we see you there this year?

Photos from last year

Talking with not "at"

Women Leaders of Nucleate

Nucleate Alumni Summit 2023 Attendees

Be part of the conversation

Tent Talks

Come meet our Activator alumni

It's a party like no other

Uniting for positive change

Testimonials - Alumni Summit 2023

You go to other conferences and meet people in person. And then you go to Nucleate and meet people in person. The Nucleate Summit is much more organic and unique. If there is one conference I would go to, it would be Nucleate’s Summit.

Tony Kulesa
Partner, Pillar VC
Co-Founder, Petri

Less of a Ted Talk, more of a Q&A and fireside chat over drinks. It wasn’t like any other conference I have been to. There is much more room to have extensive conversations with the audience, build rapport, and form lifelong connections.

Jon Chee
CEO, Excedr
Podcast Host, Biotech Startups

Our corporate responsibility is to support and train the next generation of leaders.

Kristina Kitko
Associate Dir. of Venture Science, Eli Lilly

The networking and relationship building at the summit is the nucleus of nucleate.

Michael Paliotti
Regional Sales Dir., MilliporeSigma

It was an honor to be a core partner of the 2023 Nucleate Summit in sunny SD, surrounded by amazing entrepreneurs. These are the future leaders of science: the next Carolyn Bertozzi, Jennifer Doudna & George Church. This is the future of science & humanity, and it looks brighter than its even been!

Matt Stockel
Director of Bus. Dev., Sequoia Biotech Consulting